BitConnect News

Bitconnect is a cryptocurrency-based platform that has described itself as a self-regulated financial system that would brings big benefits to its investors. The Bitconnect coin was a cryptocurrency designed to provide funding for the maintenance of the platform. Strong marketing made Bitconnect’s price one of the fastest growing on the market and the Bitconnect coin hit $463 in December 2017. Large amounts of earned funds were spent on promoting the currency through numerous events, ads, etc. A video of speech by Carlos Matos at one of those events has gone viral and became the source of a Bitconnect meme. However, pretty soon, Bitconnect started to be described as a Ponzi scheme and was ordered to cease and desist by regulators of North Carolina and Texas. On January 2018, Bitconnect experienced a major crash and the Bitconnect exchange shutdown. Bitconnect stopped publishing news, closed their development and almost lost the entire price of the Bitconnect coin.